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Blues All Day Long: The Jimmy Rogers Story (Music In American Life)

The Jimmy Rogers Story: Music in American Life

Jimmy Rogers, a legendary blues musician, is remembered for his distinctive slide guitar playing and heart-wrenching vocals. His music, deeply rooted in the Mississippi Delta blues tradition, captured the essence of rural American life and...

Chase Morris profile pictureChase Morris4 min read
HRH Mag: Issue XII Stacy Phillips

HRH Mag Issue XII: Stacy Phillips

Stacy Phillips is a world-renowned photographer and artist. Her work has been featured in museums and galleries around the world, and she has been the recipient of numerous awards, including the prestigious...

Alvin Bell profile pictureAlvin Bell4 min read
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Caspian: A Carolina Reapers Novel
Terence Nelson profile pictureTerence Nelson
5 min read
Hodder GCSE History For Edexcel: Anglo Saxon And Norman England C1060 88: Anglo Saxon And Norman England C1060 88
Blake Kennedy profile pictureBlake Kennedy
6 min read
Poetry With Dad: Fun Poetry For Precocious Children And Silly Adults
Russell Mitchell profile pictureRussell Mitchell
5 min read
The Cambridge Guide To Orchestration
Ron Blair profile pictureRon Blair
4 min read
The Musical As Drama Scott McMillin
Andy Hayes profile pictureAndy Hayes
4 min read
Mormons Musical Theater And Belonging In America (Music In American Life)
Steve Carter profile pictureSteve Carter
6 min read

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