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Hands On Machine Learning With Scikit Learn And Scientific Python Toolkits: A Practical Guide To Implementing Supervised And Unsupervised Machine Learning Algorithms In Python
Corey Green profile pictureCorey Green
6 min read
The Best Of Israel Houghton Songbook (PIANO VOIX GU)
E.M. Forster profile pictureE.M. Forster

The Best of Israel Houghton Songbook Piano Voix Gu: A...

Israel Houghton is one of the most celebrated...

4 min read
A Wizard Alone: The Sixth In The Young Wizards
Scott Parker profile pictureScott Parker
5 min read
Guide To Competing Successfully In Business: Business As War: The Strategies Of War Are Accessed In Real
Israel Bell profile pictureIsrael Bell

The Ultimate Guide to Competing Successfully in Modern...

In today's rapidly evolving business...

6 min read
Finding Your Lost Cat: The Practical Cat Specific Guide For Your Happy Reunion (Cat Scene Investigator Feline Problem Solver 2)
Daniel Knight profile pictureDaniel Knight
5 min read
The Secret Witch (The Coven: Academy Magic 5)
Hugh Bell profile pictureHugh Bell
3 min read

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