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Titanic: The Homecoming: Tales From The Lapland

Titanic: The Homecoming Tales from the Lapland

A Century-Old Tragedy and the Unforgettable Stories of Survival The sinking of the RMS Titanic on April 15, 1912, remains one of the most infamous maritime disasters in history. The loss of over 1,500 lives left an indelible mark on the world,...

Raymond Chandler profile pictureRaymond Chandler5 min read
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The Nature Of The Operations Of Modern Armies (Soviet (Russian) Study Of War 4)
Thomas Mann profile pictureThomas Mann
4 min read
The Drowned And The Saved: When War Came To The Hebrides
Griffin Mitchell profile pictureGriffin Mitchell

The Drowned and the Saved: A Literary Exploration of...

In the annals of Holocaust literature, The...

5 min read
Essex Tudor Rebel (The Elizabethan 2)
Stephen Foster profile pictureStephen Foster

The Intrepid Essex Tudor Rebel: A Detailed Examination of...

During the reign of Elizabeth I, England...

5 min read
SAINT BARTHOLOMEW S EVE A TALE OF THE HUGUENOT WARS BY G A HENTY : Classic Edition Illustrations : Classic Edition Illustrations
Christopher Woods profile pictureChristopher Woods
5 min read
A Pony Named Dot Fehrin Brindley
Ken Simmons profile pictureKen Simmons
5 min read
For Whom The Dogs Spy: Haiti: From The Duvalier Dictatorships To The Earthquake Four Presidents And Beyond
Jimmy Butler profile pictureJimmy Butler

Unmasking the Intriguing World of "For Whom the Dogs...

In the literary realm, D.E. Stevenson's...

5 min read

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